When To Consider A Front Door Replacement

Front Door Replacement

Front door replacement! Why? Your front door is possibly the most important part of your home. It is there you keep you and your family safe, secure and warm. Not only that, but it is the key to making that all important good first impression. 

The style and quality of your front door is incredibly important, but there are some key signs that the front door may no longer be creating the good first impression that it should be! Visible decay; poor function; lack of energy efficiency, are all signs that you need a front door replacement. Let’s go through some of the main indicators of a poor quality door.

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Damage and Decay

One of the signs that you need a front door replacement is the clear damage and decay to your door, not only can this effect the appearance of your home but it can also jeopardize its security, potentially leaving anyone who lives there at risk from intruders. 

The longevity of any materials will be threatened by moisture cause by bad weather conditions and damp environments. If this moisture combines with heat from the sun, the door will begin to warp and appear misshaped over time. 

This can lead to security issues, extreme draughts (affecting the energy efficiency of your home) and the glazing within your door may also become loose. Wooden doors are known to stand the test of time; they can still rot and show damage after a while. Composite doors are especially known to be secure and robust, but they will only last for so long and will still require a front door replacement.

The Function Of The Front Door

Poor function is an extremely obvious sign that you may need a front door replacement, it may be difficult to open or just have poor movement in general, it could be that the hinges or panels have started to loosen. 

This is something that can’t be helped and is a natural result of the door being used consistently over time. This could lead to security issues, but mostly just becomes an inconvenience to the homeowner, having to put in the extra effort to do a basic task.

Thermal Efficiency

Another sign that you may need a front door replacement is lack of thermal efficiency. The front door should have a high thermal value, and be secure and stable enough to keep the warm air in. 

As a door begins to age, it may start to allow drafts or cold air into your home through small gaps. Draughts can lead to a lack of energy efficiency, meaning you will be likely to spend more on your monthly energy bills in an effort to keep your home heated. 

This also means that you will be contributing to the amount of wasted energy which is released into the atmosphere, increasing your carbon emissions! When you notice the draughts, it’s important to take immediate action and consider an exterior door replacement; this will keep your heating bills and carbon emissions low. 

Not only that, but the door may not be as sound proof as it once was.

Single Glazing

Single glazing is also a key reason to consider a front door replacement, this is another security issue, and will also cause issues with noise, condensation and heating. Double glazing has countless advantages and will immediately fix all of these problems. 

Current building regulations require most properties to be fitted with double or triple glazing, so you may require an exterior door replacement.

Low Security

If the front door is showing signs of low security, it is vital that it is replaced as soon as possible. Thoroughly test the locking mechanisms along with the fixtures and fittings, this will help to keep the door secure. 

If you do not replace your old unsecure front entry doors, it may be prone to vandalism or break-ins, potentially affecting the safety of you and your family.

Our Guarantee

Here at Future Renovations we will provide you with a new quality front door replacement. If you’re looking for an exterior door replacement, a front entry door/windows or wish to purchase one of our front entry doors for the first time ever, then we have the solution for you. 

We are so confident in the durability and longevity of our products, that we offer an extensive 10 year guarantee.

Our front entry doors and windows are designed and manufactured with high quality, robust materials, however if you do notice any niggling issues, one of our expert installers will be on hand to rectify the problem with your new exterior door replacement as soon as possible.

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