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Rubber Roofing

We always install premium quality rubber roofing. We only fit from the most prestigious manufacturer of premium EPDM available Firestone®. Firestone® rubber cover™ roofs are made of the highest quality cross stitched membrane EDPM which is entirely developed in the USA. The rubber cover™ is designed every residential flat roof. This type of flat room is fitted without the need for a flame. It is custom-produced, meaning it is incredibly versatile, flexible and can be fitted to all sorts of warm and cold roofs on both commercial and residential properties.

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Rubber Roofing has been the choice of professional rubber flat roofing contractors for over 30 years, as it consistently outperforms other roofing materials in several key areas, this includes felt, in areas of durability, weather resistance and longevity.

Most of the commercial and industrial roofing market takes advantage of the long-term dependability of rubber roofing. Now you can install this durable material on your roof, having the peace of mind that it will last for decades to come.

Interested in building your own rubber flat roof using EPDM materials? Not sure where to begin? Use our state of the art, rubber flat roof quote tool so you know exactly what you will need!

How can rubber roofs give a value to your home?

You may be wondering what overall value would be added to your home when purchasing a rubber flat roof instead of another type of roof, such as a felt roof. There are many benefits of installing a rubber flat roof, including the longevity of the materials, and the low-risk and easy installation.

While most felt flat roofs will last for 10 years or less, our 1.2mm and 1.5mm rubber comes with a 20 and 30-year warranty respectively. This means that you could easily be expecting more than 3 decades out of your roof, giving you more than 3 times the peace of mind that a felt roof would be able to give, due to the advanced weather and waterproof technology inside of our EPDM rubber.

Not only will a rubber flat roof save you time, due to how long it lasts, it is also far more cost effective than having to repurchase materials to replace your deteriorated felt roof every few years. Building a rubber flat roof also does not require any expensive special tools, therefore saving you more money.

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