Future Shield

Keep the weather out & the warmth in!

Future Shield

When the walls of your home get wet from wind driven rain, it decreases their thermal resistance and this can result in heat loss. The more heat escapes your home, the more you will be likely to pay towards your energy bills every year. Water acts as a thermal bridge causing heat to transfer away from the property, reducing the overall energy efficiency of your home. Future Shield is a highly water repellent wall coating which improves energy efficiency by keeping walls dry. When rain comes into contact with coated walls, the water forms droplets that simply run off the surface, reducing the water absorption of the walls by up to 96.3%.

A dry house is a warm house


Treaded Block

Independent tests have demonstrated that brickwork treated with Future Shield were significantly more energy efficient than untreated ones. The thermal image on the front, was taken during independent scientific testing and shows a 6⁰C difference in temperature between sections of the wall treated with Future Shield and the untreated centre section.


The moisture in the walls of your home can not only cause heat loss it can cause a host of problems for your house, your health and your pocket too. Protect your home from the damaging effects of the weather and give yourself peace of mind. By keeping your walls dry, you can help to prevent:

Penetrating damp

Structural damage caused by sulphate attack

Accelerated decay of building materials

Cracking caused by frost

The process

Highly Breathable

FUTURE Shield does not restrict the ability of your home to breathe. Independent testing (BS EN ISO 7783:2011) demonstrated the coating had little effect on air and moisture escaping. Unlike some stone and brick sealing products, it does not block the pores of the masonry by coating them with a thin film.

Self Cleaning

Treated masonry remains clean and attractive - dirt is washed away with rainfall. The lack of moisture in the walls helps to deter the growth of unsightly moss, algae or lichens.

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