Future Renovation’s Guide To Easy Patio Door Maintenance

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It is the beautiful season of spring and your new patio doors looks stunning. Not only do they add an extremely luxurious aesthetic, but they also introduce maximum security and thermal efficiency whilst allowing sunlight to flood into your home. 
Naturally, you’ll want to keep your patio doors looking as fabulous as the day they were installed.

Our patio doors are incredibly sleek, space saving and extremely high quality. The glass services, however, may be prone to marks or surface dust. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can keep the glass of your doors looking impeccable.

1. Clean Your Doors On A Cool Day.

It can be tempting to clean the glass of your doors on a sunny day. However, the sun could cause them to try too quickly, leaving them streaky.

2. Clean The Interior First

Understandably, the glass will be cleaner on the inside than the outside, so it makes sense to clean the interior first. Otherwise, dirt on the cloth from cleaning the outside may transfer to the inside.

3. Remove Surface Dust

Use a clean, soft bristled hand brush to gently brush off any surface dust.

4. Clean The Glass With An Ordinary Vinegar Solution

 If you are not keen on the smell of vinegar, try a solution called corn-starch which will work just as well.

5. Buff The Doors Dry

Once you have removed the cleaning solution, it’s time to dry the glass. Large coffee filters or a crumpled-up newspaper should do the trick!

6. Use Toothpaste On Scratches

Should you notice any slight surface scratches, using a mildly abrasive toothpaste on the area with a clean cloth can remove the appearance of a scratch.

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