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Installing new windows into your property? You’re probably wondering how you can make them extra secure. It’s likely the windows will have security features already, but adding extra window locks could make all of the difference. The security of your home is imperative to your peace of mind. Taking the time to research the right locking system now, could ensure you effective safety and security in the long term. A quick internet search will bring you thousands of different window locks to try, but how do you know which is the best for your keep your home secure? Read these tips and tricks to find out.

Identify Your Window Type

First and foremost, identify which type of window you will be installing. uPVC windows will require different window locks to a timber window. The clearer you are on the design, style and even colour of the window that you need, the easier your search will be.


Take the time to really research your options and figure out which is the best type of lock for your window of choice. There will be multiple styles of locks available, and many different brands offering locks for your window type. Take a look at the features and description of the lock. Is it easy to install? Is it completely resistant to potential intruders or does it only act as a safety feature. Establish the different properties of each lock and whether it matches your needs.

Why is the type of lock you choose so important?

A window lock is used to prevent an intruder (or anyone else) from opening the window and potentially entering your property. The intruder could of course break the window, but it is definitely not in their best interest to do so, as this would make a very loud sound – drawing attention and alerting neighbours of the break in. Window locks are extremely important to the safety of your home. Not only that, but home insurance providers will only cover you if your window locks aren’t fitted correctly.

What Are The Different Types Of Window Locks?

There are many different types of locks for your windows. One of the most effective types of locks is a key-eyed lock. This type of window lock is installed to the side of your window, secured to the frame. This type of lock will require a key to open and close it, so it’s vital this isn’t lost. Other types of locks include ventilating locks, Hinged Wedge Locks, Casement Window Locks, Sash Window Locks and Window Restrictors.

Add A Window Latch For Additional Security

A window latch is often used for windows that aren’t made of uPVC. Made up of a window catch and lever, they connect the two window sashes together when closed. A window latch should be used as a secondary lock to reinforce the security of your main lock. This is also an incredibly effective way to keep the heat in your property and reduce your energy bills.

Child Safety Features

If you have young children in your home, it’s important to install child safety features to your windows. This means the window will only open partly. This will help to ventilate your home, without risking the children falling out. Please note that child locking is merely a safety feature, and will not secure your window from intruders.


The material of the lock will most likely be as the window. Locks are usually available in three main materials.
Wooden Locks: These are suitable for use on the common timber framed windows such as casement windows.
Metal Window Locks: Only suitable for metal window frames, this style of lock gives the windows greater security and resistance to attack.
uPVC window locks: uPVC windows locks are straight and will often turn left or right. This type of lock is excellent for ventilation and is a universal style of window lock.
It’s vital to identify your window type, do your research and establish the type of window lock and material that you need. The right window locks will ensure extra security for your windows and home. Simply speak to one of our expert representatives if you need any assistance choosing the right lock.

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