Double or Triple Glazing?

triple glazing

We are currently offering a FREE upgrade to triple glazing!

To celebrate this, we thought it was be useful to talk you through the difference between double and triple glazing.

Thermal Efficiency

The key difference between double and triple glazing is the thermal efficiency.

A triple glazed window will keep the heat in your house for longer, this is measured by something called the U Value, a thermal measure of transmittance (the heat which exits your home).

The lower the U-value, the better the thermal efficiency. So of course, triple glazed have a lower U value than double glazed windows.


Triple glazing is more effective when it comes to reducing condensation build up on your windows.

If a room is heated, the room side surface temperature of the inner pain of a triple glazed window will be much higher than it would be with single or double glazing.

Noise Pollution

Although triple glazing is not necessarily designed to combat noise, it tends to do this anyway, because of the extra barrier in the way of the noise.

The amount of panels that the glass has to travel through weakens the sound wave. Your windows play a big part when combating the noise pollution in your home.

Prefer Double Glazing?

There are some benefits to double glazing over triple.

You may have a sun facing room, and if that’s the case it may beneficial that your double glazing windows face the sun, so that you can make the most of the free heat and light.

If you had triple glazing, it may be that the windows are too thick to let the natural light/heat in – making this a hug disadvantage!

Still can’t make your decision?

Our representatives will talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of double glazing, helping you make the right decision for you home.

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