New Built Conservatory

Progress of a conservatory build that we are currently carrying out.

  • How it currently looks

  • This is what we started with

  • We dug out one meter for the footings

  • Placed in the foundation blocks

  • Still the foundation blocks

  • Pouring the concrete on the foundation

  • Bedding the foundation blocks with the concrete

  • Foundation base complete

  • Beginning of the dwarf walls

  • Dwarf walls half-complete

  • Pouring the concrete at DPC level

  • DPC complete

  • Building of the inner foundation walls

  • More building of the interior wall

  • Interior walls complete

  • Tying in of the insulation

  • Insulation all tied in

  • Tying in the interior wall with the exterior wall

  • Building up the exterior wall

  • Dwarf walls complete

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