Compliment An Open Plan Kitchen With Premium Windows & Doors

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One of the up and coming home renovation trends, is an Open Plan Kitchen Design. Swap separate rooms for a light filled, exceptionally modern space to dine, relax or socialise in.

Whether you are considering an open plan kitchen/living room or an open plan kitchen/diner, our premium patio doors and casement windows give you the freedom and flexibility to create the illusion of an extended room.

With patio door technology, you can achieve unique character and create a bright, beautiful environment for the open plan kitchen of your dreams.

What To Consider When Designing An Open Plan Kitchen

First, it is important to decide where each of the different areas will be. Often the kitchen is walked through to access the garden – it does not have to be.

An open plan kitchen is not just a chance to transform a space aesthetically, but also an opportunity to start again and improve the practicality of an area for you and your family.

Your goal might be to increase your new ‘work from home’ space, or you may simply wish to gaze out at your back gardening handy-work from the comfort of your living room. Whatever your intention, ensure you have a clear picture in your mind so you are confident, and know exactly how you want the final result to look.

Add Sophistication and Style With Premium Patio Doors By Future Renovations UK

Compliment your modern open plan kitchen in style and choose from our sleek and space-saving Patio Doors, they’re energy-efficient and secure, fitted with a Yale kitemarked 3 star cylinder lock as standard.

Perhaps our composite doors are more your style? As a door and window specialist, here at Future Renovations UK we can help you to create a space which seamlessly transitions from the outdoor patio to the cosy living room.

Our state-of-the-art products combine smooth, effortless operation with superior performance and exquisite design to enhance your lifestyle and living space.

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