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Our stunning collection of GRP vogue doors offer outstanding security features and eye catching prestigious designs. The high-resi door is the most secure GRP composite door on the market. Every high-resi composite door has a 3.6mm skin which makes them twice as thick as a standard composite door, with a high security multi point era lock as standard, giving you extra peace of mind. This door is available in many beautiful designs, colours and styles to match your personal home preference.

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Multi Point Locking System

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These doors are designed to withstand standard tools used for breaking in. The door frame includes steel boxes which (in the event of a break in) would crush, meaning that the dead lock would be impossible for the burglar to break.

This is installed for increased security and alignment.

Conform how tall your door with our adjustable hinges. The unique steel is available in silver, gold and other metallic hues.

Like our original composite doors, the High-Resi Door is also available in many colours, styles and designs.

As with all composite doors, this style of door is incredibly thermally efficient with an incredibly low U value of 0.8.

These high security front doors are designed to drown out the sounds of a noisy street.

We offer a 10 year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

One of the key benefits of these types of doors is that they offer very little or no upkeep.

To support the security of this incredibly durable door, a multi-point locking system is in place. Made up of minimum of three individual locking points. Different lock types include a hook, deadbolt or roller cam and centre latch are all different types of locking points.