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Sliding patio and Bi-Folding doors

Sleek and space saving, our patio doors are UK made. They allow extra light and fresh air into your home. Choose from our extensive range of designs, colours and styles. They open the space in any environment with continuous innovation to enhance your lifestyle. Custom-made to suit your design, our doors are available in uPVC or aluminium. There are so many ways in which a patio or bi-folding sliding door can improve the environment around you. Explore your options today!

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Patio Doors

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Premium patio door systems are the perfect choice for improving your living space. Our sliding, bi-folding and french doors consistently exceed in function, style and performance. Designed and custom-manufactured with state of the art technology – they are highly secure, thermally efficient and weather resistant.

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Renovate your present to elevate your future with custom-made uPVC windows and doors by Future Renovations UK

The Future Guarantee

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our extensive 10 year guarantee. We are confident that you will love your brand new sliding uPVC patio doors, but if you do experience any problems, our team are on hand to provide an efficient service and resolve any niggling issues you may have.

Something Different…

An alternative to the sliding patio door, our beautiful uPVC French Doors provide a sleek and elegant look whilst remaining high security conscious, thermally efficient and weather resistant. A uPVC French Door is a style of light construction with glass panes extending for most of its length.


Most homeowners choose sliding patio doors because of their ability to bring the outdoors in and transform their garden into another room. Nothing will create seamless connection between kitchen and patio like your Sliding Doors can. Due to the large glass panes, sliding patio doors by Future Renovations UK provide you with panoramic views of your garden, giving you the illusion of a larger, brighter home.

Sliding patio doors in the UK operate without a hinge, gliding across the track. This means they do not take up any extra space required for a door entrance which is a huge benefit over other doors.

Due to their huge panels of glass, they are designed to maximise any natural light, saving you money on electricity bills. This style of sliding door is perfect during the summer, creating the illusion of bringing the outside in and almost allowing your garden or patio to feel like another room.

Sliding patio doors operate without a hinge, gliding across the track. This means they do not take up any extra space required for a door entrance which is a huge benefit over other doors.

Both sliding patio doors in the UK and uPVC French doors will always look extremely modern and contemporary as they are available in a variety of different colours and styles. The sleek aesthetic matches well with the majority of modern homes, as well as being incredibly functional and easy to operate.

Our sliding uPVC patio doors use a combination of brush seals to eliminate draughts, increase the energy efficiency and weather resistance. Double or triple glazing is also extremely weather-proof, keeping you and your family safe from any turbulent weather.

Sliding uPVC patio doors offer many efficiency features to keep the heat in and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • We used brush pile weather seals to keep the bad weather outside.
  • The double or triple glazing and multi chamber frame assures the warm air will be trapped inside.
  • Low-E Argon Gas is placed between the panels of glass to maximise thermal efficiency.
  • The frames are made to measure, for an air tight seal between the frame and brickwork

Our sliding patio doors are incredibly strong due to their efficient installation, secure locking mechanisms and internal beading.

Sliding patio doors extremely modern, secure, thermally efficient and weather resistant. They are definitely a sought after addition to the home - patio doors add a considerable amount of value to a home before selling.