Discover our stunning range of bespoke, custom-made exterior doors. From robust composite doors to sleek and stylish patio doors, Future Renovations UK offer excellent quality products at an affordable price.

Our best composite doors are professionally manufactured to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency, strength and security. All of our traditional and contemporary styles are low maintenance due to the durable and hard-wearing material they are manufactured with

Our Door Range

Sliding Patio Doors & Bi-Folding Doors

Elevate your surroundings as you turn your home and garden into one seamless space to enjoy with our contemporary range of Sliding Patio Doors. Our sleek and space saving sliding patio doors allow natural light and fresh air into your home. Bring the outside in with expertly designed ultra slim frames and uninterrupted sight lines, available in a wide range of materials, configurations and colours

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Renovate your present to elevate your future with custom-made uPVC windows and doors by Future Renovations UK

Improve the Energy Efficiency and Security Of Your Home With Our A-Rated Composite Door or Door Glass Replacement

We only use A-rated double or triple glazed windows for maximum heat retention and minimum heat loss. This ensures that you are able to eliminate draughts and keep the heat inside your home with a door glass replacement. This will also help to reduce your energy bills and improve the appearance of your property.


There are many benefits of a uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) door. This is a low maintenance material, which is often used as a substitute for painted wood. uPVC is mostly used for windows frames and sills of double glazed windows.

One of the clear benefits is that it is completely customizable, and therefore available in many colours, shapes and styles. We can tailor our uPVC products to your desired specifications, meaning our windows and doors will match perfectly into your home or property.

Aside from its modern appearance, our best composite door is also extremely secure and durable, meaning it is an extremely popular material of choice for residential and commercial properties. It will also reduce outside exterior noise up to 50%, compared to the other door and window materials available. Energy efficiency and carbon emissions are at the forefront of everyone’s mind at the moment, which is why uPVC is perfect front door replacement.

This is because it is a low conductor of heat, meaning it is incredibly thermally efficient - allowing you to save energy and money on your heating bills in the short and long term.

It’s good to know that all of our bespoke, best composite doors are made from materials that are 100% sustainable! Our vision is to reduce carbon emissions by manufacturing renovation goods without causing undue environmental harm, whilst also benefiting the people and industries involved.

Not only are our doors made from sustainable materials, but they are also incredibly energy efficient. They create an extremely effective seal between the outside and inside, preventing the exchange of warm (or cold) air.

Our best composite doors also offer weather stripping technology to help maintain the durability and low maintenance of your door.

The next time you search for ‘door companies near me’, instead search ‘Future Renovations UK’ and we will appear, ready to assist you with all of your doors and window needs!