When To Replace Your Front Door

upvc front door
If you want your home to make a good first impression, the style and quality of your front door is incredibly important, but there are some key signs that your front door may no longer be creating the good first impression that it should be! Let’s go through some of the main indicators that your door could need replacing.
  1. One of the signs is clear damage and decay to your door, not only can this effect the appearance of your home but it can also jeopardize its security, potentially leaving anyone who lives there at risk from intruders. Although wooden doors are known to stand the test of time, they can still rot and show damage after a while. The reason for this is the amount of moisture that the doors are exposed to, caused by bad weather conditions.
  2. The function of the front door is an extremely obvious sign that it needs replacing, it may be difficult to open or just have poor movement in general, it could be that the hinges or panels have started to loosen. This is something that can’t be helped and is a natural result of the door being used consistently over time.
  3. A door should be thermally efficient, secure and stable enough to keep the warm air in. As a door begins to age, it may start to allow drafts or cold air into your home through small gaps. Not only that, but the door may not be as sound proof as it once was.
  4. Single glazing is also a key reason to replace your front door, this is another security issue, this can also cause issues with noise, condensation and heating. Double glazing will fix all of these issues.
  5. If your door is showing signs of low security, it is vital that it is replaced a soon as possible. By not replacing an old front door, it may be prone to vandalism or break-ins.

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