Tips To Make Your Doors Look Spooktacular This Halloween 👻

Halloween is here... If you're the type to get wickedly creative and decorate your home with haunting Halloween accessories, then this is the blog for you.  In this blog we will talk you through the tips and trips of how you can embrace the spooky season and make your doors and windows look spookier than ever.

Add Lights To Your Doors and Windows 

Adding little fairy lights to your doors and windows can be so effective when decorating your home for Halloween. Get into the spirit by placing the fairy lights along your window bottom with some artificial cobwebs or Halloween themed ornaments. Choose from bright lights  to Halloween inspired orange or multicoloured.. What ever your preference, mini lights are sure to set the Halloween scene in your home this weekend.

Add A Halloween Wreath To Your Front Door

Nothing draws attention to your front door like a gorgeous Halloween/Autumnal wreath. If you're feeling extra creative, you may choose to create your own wreath, why not make it more of an occasion by asking the family to help create it - you can find wreath kits on eBay or Amazon! The wreath will no doubt catch the attention of your neighbours and neighbours' children when they're trick or treating - it's a quick and easy way to add the Halloween vibe to your home.

Add Pumpkins To Your Doors and Windows

No other accessory will create a Halloween vibe like the classic pumpkin. Carve a scary face into the pumpkin, buy them already carved or leave them as they are for a more traditional look. Place the pumpkins at your door entrance and they will instantly receive attention from your family, friends and ofcourse, the trick or treaters.

There we have it! Our 3 top tips to decorating your doors and windows. Do your doors and windows need to be trick or treated to an upgrade? Now is the perfect time to get in touch. We have some ghoulishly good offers for you to take advantage of at the moment, so don't hesitate to get in touch! CALL 08000 499 679 TODAY!



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