Interior Design Trends Of 2021


Social media, online magazines and exquisitely designed brochures continue to present us with new home renovation and interior design ideas, leaving us more inspired than ever. 2020 saw an increase in energy efficient solutions in the home, minimal integrated hardware, and pale monochromatic themes. The rest of 2021 will see natural traditional textures, comfortable outdoor living spaces and opportunities to improve our new home offices. Let's take a closer look at these up-and-coming trends in more detail…

Natural and Traditional Textures
Texture is the element to compliment a room rather than colour. Choose from natural wood finish walls to elegant UPVC doors or even just some unusual cushions or throws. We can help you implement this trend into any room of your house or property with our high security UPVC doors.  You can be confident to find the style and design of UPVC door to match your property and taste. We take great pride in helping you, our customer choose the right external upvc door and double glazing for your home, we feel that no other UPVC door company can provide you with a higher standard and specification of external upvc doors whilst offering such a competitive low price.

Bring The Outside In
Whether it is dried flowers or hanging plants, 2021 will continue to see aesthetics from the outdoors making their way into our home. Another way to follow the trend, is by implementing our Bespoke Patio Doors - maximise space and allow natural outdoor light to flood into your property.

Comfortable Outdoor Living Spaces
Despite venturing out of our homes and to other locations, comfortable outdoor spaces continue be a top trend of 2021. Outdoor spaces are not just for summer! Winter patio designs and balconies are everywhere - think cosy cushions, snuggly throws and modern firepits. Take the first step towards creating the outdoor front space of your dreams with our Premium Composite Doors.

Improve Your Home Office or Working Space
It is more important than ever that our home working environment is comfortable and allows us to be productive. If you do not have an office, you may have found that creating a 'separate' space to work in can be challenging. Why not create an ideal connection between rooms with our premium windows and doors. Not only would they be a modern addition to your home, but they would also provide you with the quiet, private space you need to be able to work from home in peace.

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