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  1. What exactly is EPDM
  2. EDPM the environmentally friendly rubber
  3. Efficiency
  4. EPDM vs Alternatives

What exactly is  EPDM?


Ethylene propylene diene monomer more commonly known as EPDM is a type of synthetic rubber derived from a  polymer known as polyethene. EPDM is a type of high-quality rubber that performs well in all types of weather conditions. Apart from being a weather enduring rubber, its other attribute is that it can effectively repel Ozone molecules, the Ozone molecules are the triply bonded oxygen atoms that can be absorbed by lower quality  EPDM. The Rubber cover ™  we install is Ozone reflective due to its high density and tightly cross structure membrane it does not allow any  O3 oxygen molecules to be absorbed. EPDM is both a heat resistant and fire retardant material this means in case of a fire it will be extremely difficult to catch fire and will not add fuel to the fire. Another common use of EPDM is the productions of electrical wiring as it is both an excellent electrical insulator and excellent heat insulator this means it will keep all electrical currents out and the heat in! What makes EDPM truly stand out from other types of rubbers in its class is that it contains a high concentration of ethylene, it contains around 85% ethylene, this added ingredient increases its tensile strength gives the rubber to carry heavier loads. EDPM consists of a cross-linked membranes structure that makes increases EDPM has the highest loading capabilities those rubbers within its class.  its strength when compared to vulcanized silicone rubber. Peroxide is also added to EDPM to increase is elasticity gives it the ability to take much more stress without is deforming when heavy loads applied on top of it. This high-quality rubber itself is available in large rolls which in turn reduces the number of seams in the finished job. EDPM is a hydrophobic material meaning it repels steam and water this makes it impossible to let any water through in normal circumstances making EDPM the ideal rubber to use to construct a flat roof of garages, extensions and dormers, concrete and wooden roofs.

EDPM the environmentally friendly rubber

EDPM is a nontoxic inert rubber which this means it is chemically resistant to change and will not react to with any rainwater or any other compounds so it will not pollute the surrounding environment. The beauty of EDPM is that does not dislodge and pollute any rainwater on its surface. It is completely safe to use and handle.


Also not forgetting to mention that EDPM is the least expensive highest quality flat floor material to fit per square foot when compared to its alternatives. It does not require any maintenance work. EDPM membrane manufactured with the latest processes is guaranteed to last over 30+ years! So once we have fitted your weather-resistant EPDM roof you don’t to worry about.


Effortless efficiency

Due to its impressive heat insulation abilities once EPDM is fitted to your warm roofs types it will complement the existing insulation in keeping the heat in and the cold out this contribute to the reduction your electric and gas bills. Cold Also not forgetting to mention EPDM is also fitted to cold roofs which have no existing underlying insulation

EPDM vs. alternatives


TPO  is also known as thermoplastic polyolefin an alternative roofing membrane to EDPM. Because its heat sealed together and not glued and held together with weather sealant it is very likely to fall apart in only just a few years after installation  TPO is notorious to fall apart shortly after installation. It also requires more time, labour and equipment to install TPO roof membrane roof. Due to is being relatively new roof material is still in its first test “15 years” and people have reported all sorts of issues such as it shrinking and becoming rigid.

Modified bitumen

The bitumen roofing system has been installed since the 1960s. Installing a Bitumen roof requires more time and tools to install when compared to installing. It is the most dangerous type of roof install because it has to be heated with a giant flame torch. Roofs that a made of an underlying flammable or combustible material cannot have a modified bitumen roof installed due to the risk causing a fire is very high roofs that have insulation or wooden boards of any kind cannot have a modified bitumen roof installed. This type of roof is known to last fewer 20 years which is less than an EDMP rubber roof.


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