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The advantages of  installing  your new UPVC windows from Us

by Future Renovations UK ™


UPVC windows are long lasting and weather resistant. Once we have installed your new Argon filled UPVC windows they will require almost zero maintenance because unlike wooden windows UVC windows do not bow or wrap during the changing seasons. UPVC windows have lightweight frames and sashes, this makes the opening and closing them a breeze! UPVC windows are the most cost effective option to choose because UPVC windows cost a fraction of aluminium windows. Also, UPVC windows are much more efficient heat insulator because aluminium being a metal conducts heat from the inside of the house and transfers the heat to the outside of the house easily.


Industry experts at your service

On a daily basis, our CERTASS® qualified teams install hundreds of UPVC  windows throughout the UK. Our fully qualified teams are also equipped with decades of installation experience, so we ensure to fit your  UPVC windows professionally and quickly, this is what makes Future Renovations UK™ one of the most prestigious and leading installers of UPVC windows within the United Kingdom.glass and all our windows are made from the highest grades unplasticised polyvinyl.

Hercules™ Triple Glaze profile exclusively available  to Future Renovations UK™ customers

Our Hercules™ triple glaze is truly a supreme glaze. When compared to any standard glaze profile our Hercules™ holds strong our triple glaze profile has a 36 mm thickness, a standard window has a thickness of 28 mm. When it comes to being environmentally neutral and energy efficient  our highly engineered Hercules™ triple glaze profile stands above the other standard window profiles because each window has a warm edge spacer  this basically prevents contact between the inner and outer parts of the a window so there never will be an easy flow of heat from the inside of the house to the outside. Another magnificent feature of our Hercules™ triple glaze profile is that as the feature of being dual-filled with Argon gas and when compared to air-filled windows our Argon filled windows will keep your homes warmer for longer this will contribute to the reduction of your bills.

State of the art engineering

The  UPVC windows we install incorporate the latest manufacturing and technological developments. Our Argon filled windows do not require to be desiccant filled because unlike air Argon gas air contains water vapour which can condense and become visible through the glass sheets.


Pilkington K Glass


Take advantage of our is our premium installation of Pilkington K Glass™  at a  standard price.

Here is what Pilkington® has got to say about their new K Glass™ "our latest high performance, a low-emissivity soft coated product which offers excellent thermal insulation when incorporated within an Insulating Glass Unit (IGU). We install nothing but the best  so we install Pilkington K Glass™ S

It has a highly neutral appearance with optimal solar heat gain, thermal insulation and light transmission to provide the highest Window Energy Rating (WER) performance.

Pilkington K Glass™ S is a single stock, soft-coated glass which can be used in an annealed form or toughened, resulting in a product with the same thermal performance and neutral appearance. Once fabricated into an IGU, it can be used in windows in all types of glazing applications in new houses, conservatories and in replacement windows for existing homes."

Benefits of installing Pilkington K Glass™

  • An alternative to the original hard coated Pilkington K Glass™
  • When incorporated into a Pilkington energiKare™ double glazed unit, it can easily achieve up to and beyond A-rated windows in all frame materials
  • Helps windows exceed Building Regulations concerning energy efficiency in homes now and for the future changes expected
  • Enables householders to reduce energy usage and save money on heating bills
  • Environmentally friendly helping to achieve the Government’s targets for reducing CO2 emissions from homes
  • Helps to reduce drafts near windows to create a more useful space in rooms
  • Excellent light transmission which helps to reduce the need for artificial lighting
  • Suitable for use in PVCu, timber and aluminium profiles in both new and replacement windows
  • Available in annealed form and can be toughened or laminated for use in areas which require safety glazing
  • Edge-deletion is not required when using Pilkington approved secondary sealants in an IGU

Our windows are always Argon filled

We install premium quality Argon filled double and triple glazed windows with Our premium quality UPVC windows are environmentally friendly because they a manufactured to tested to withstand decades of harsh weather conditions before they show any signs of weathering. All the windows and doors that we install are filled in pure Argon gas. Argon is one of the most efficient heat insulators of the planet. Unlike air, Argon gas does  not expand  or contract in the summer and winter it is also the much more effective insulator when the two are compared at keeping the heat in and the cold out so  once you have your new premium quality UPVC windows fitted they will  naturally  reduce your bills for permanently .stainless steel or colour matched

Have your new UPVC windows in the colours and finishes you want here are the following:

  • Wooden  grain finish
  • Arctic white
  • Classic white
  • Rosewood finish
  • Golden oak finish
  • Mahogany finish


  • Grey
  • Dark red
  • Matte Black

When it comes to choosing  a particular type of windows we have it covered

Types of design

Tilt and turn windows, tilt and turn windows are the most popular selling windows.

UPVC  Casement window design is the standard window design

Dual turn windows, that you have to twist, turn and push out

Bay windows

Bay bow windows, Bay windows, unlike casement windows, protrude and pop out of the home. Here are future renovations our fully qualified installers fit them regularly. Whether you need your bay window replacing are getting bay windows as part of a widening window extension with granted planning our highly skilled installers can assist you. Click here to view the bay windows installed by us 

Sash windows, consisting of two sections  which are called sashes a window with one or two sashes which can be slid vertically to make an opening


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