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What are conservatories?

Conservatories are a luxurious extension to add to any home they are the easiest and cheapest way to add an extra room to your home. Apart from creating a large amount of extra space, conservatories also add significant value to your property. In comparison, conservatories are quicker to construct than the standard bricks and mortar extension. It is cheaper to add a conservatory to your home than to add a bricka and mortar extension.  Conservatories are commonly used as a sunroom or lounge.they can also be used as a sitting room, study room or storage room. Conservatories can either be attached directly to the home or can exist as a separate entity altogether. Apart from creating a new large amount of room. Conservatories add significant  value to your home and increase its price, the amount of value they add varies from property to property.

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Conservatories the complete guide by Future Renovations™ UK

  1. What are conservatories
  2. Requirements for the construction of  conservatories
  3. Types of conservatories
  4. Materials conservatoires are made out of
  5. Conservatory Roofs
  6. Conservatory costs  and Future™ Renovations UK price promise to beat any quote




Requirements for the construction of conservatories?

In most cases planning permission is not required to construct a conservatory  when the planned conservatory meets the following requirements:

  • The conservatory must have an internal measure of up to  30 meters 2
  • The land covered by the newly constructed conservatory is less the half of the existing house
  • The conservatory is to be constructed at the external side of the property
  • No part of the conservatory will be higher than the roof of the home
  • Extensions such as conservatories must not extend more than the rear wall of the original house by more than three metres
  • and only 4 meters from the existing property if it is  to stand detached from the home
  • Conservatories must stand  within seven metres of any boundary
  • The roof of the conservatory should match the height of the first floor of the existing home
  • The conservatory should not have  features such as verandas, balconies or additional floors to it
  • The conservatory must be separated from the dwelling by doors and windows

You may need planning permission if your property is situated in a listed or conservation area. Conservatories are not allowed to have fixed radiators or fireplaces.


The types of conservatories

Most common types of conservatoires fitted in the UK are the following:

  1. Victorian conservatories
  2. Edwardian conservatories
  3. Gable conservatories
  4. Lean to conservatories
  5. Orangery conservatories

Victorian Conservatories

Edwardian Conservatories

Gable Conservatories

Lean Conservatories

Orangeries Conservatories

What materials are conservatories made out of?

Conservatories are made of a mixture of brick walls of varying heights, PVC and either double glazed of triple glazed windows. Below is a full list of common conservatories of the UK is made of:

  • X-Lean
  • PVC
  • UPVC
  • Bricks

Conservatory Roofs

The conservatory roofs are usually made of Tapco®, Firestone® EPDM cover PVC cladding.

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