The Winkhaus® Door locking points and systems


One point locking systems

UPVC doors older than 10 years tend to only have a one point locking system and not a multipoint locking system. The single point locking system does not have to additional claw hooks at the bottom and top the clamp into the frame when the door is locked. Doors with single point locking systems are most vulnerable crowbar attacks and can also be easily kicked in.



Multipoint locking systems

All the latest doors come with multipoint locking systems called a claw hook locking system. The claw hook system has 3 to 5 claws that clamp into the door frame when the door is locked.

It is way better to have a multiple claw hook locking system on your doors because the claw freezes the door in place, from top to bottom this adds extra reinforcement when the door is locked.

Over the years your door’s multipoint locking system wears out and becomes loose also sometimes the suddenly jam or snap. At the point, the door can either jammed in places or fail lock and secure the door properly. The tell-tale signs that your multipoint locking system needs to be replaced are the following:

  • Your door handle appears and feels loose
  • When locking the door you can hear an unusual clucking sound
  • You multipoint system is becoming gradually less responsive

The Winkhaus multipoint locking system

Installing the door master multipoint locking system to your UPVC doors will instantly boost the security strength and heat retention ability of your doors due to it many features. The following are the features:

  • Central hook which adds extra reinforcement to the door which makes it hold strong in a brute force attack
  • Once piece rollers make the fitting easy secure the door into stable position
  • Claw hooks which grip and hold the lock into place





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