Condensation,mist and fog in double glazing and triple glazing

All the windows which we manufacture,offer and install are filled with 100% pure Argon gas which never contains any water vapor in the first place,unlike air which always does.We make sure that all our sealed in units a fully sealed from the outside elements by using a high quality sealant to seal the units, this also  ensures no argon gas is leaked and no air creeps in. Argon gas does not react to the cold or the sunlight so mist and fog will never occur. Air filled doubled glazed units will eventually fail and  become foggy and misty  between the pane and when this happens they then will require routine maintenance to clear out the  mist and fog . Condensation is what causes the mist and fog in  air filled double and triple glazed windows it occurs when  during the process when  air sealed in the units reacts to the sunlight and  expands and the then contracts in the heat.This process eventually break the seal around the windows allowing a water vapor filled air to enter.The water vapor air then condense leaving mist and fog. Also  air  filled double glazed and triple glazed sealed units expand in the summer and expand in the winter this what  eventually  causes the window seals to break  causing the UPVC panels to look warped. Argon gas  does not expand in direct sunlight and it does not react to the cold and contract. Unlike Air  is why they will last for decades without the need for replacement  and maintenance . Argon gas is 100% pure  unlike Air with is a mixture containing  water vapor,Oxygen and nitrogen.

Air filled windows will eventually fail and once they do they will require routine maintenance work.The procedure to remove mist and fog from lower quality air filled windows requires holes to be drilled into the windows!

Take a look below at the involved and messy process of clearing fog and mist form air filled windows.


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