Argon gas the excellent Insulator for windows

What is Argon gas?

Argon,Ar, is an abundant naturally occurring gas, it has an atomic number of 18 and boiling point of -186 degrees. Argon gas is one of the best heat insinuators of the planet. Argon is an inert gas, this means it is a nonreactive gas which is safe to use, it emits a neon blue colour when an electronic current passes through it.  Argon is also a non-toxic and odourless and this makes it ideal to use as an insulator in double glazed and triple glazed windows. In fact, Argon is much safer than air which can combust much easily. What makes Argon gas the best insulating ingredient to add to our windows is  that is retains heat and repels the colder much more efficiently than air,because Argon gas is 38% denser and than Air this means you Argon atom are more tightly packed than air and because that they are more tightly packed tighter they don't move around transfer hear from the inside of our homes to the outside as easily as air does.

Why  is argon gas  used in triple glazing

Argon has a heavy atom and when it is in its gaseous state it finds it more difficult to move around so it is poor at attracting and conducting heat  much more effective and insulting the house inside of the  house and better at keeping cold are out and warm air in, when compared to air-filled windows air has much higher conductivity of heat

Argon filled double and triple glazed windows

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