Buying triple glazed windows

Although windows made of strengthened glass do not break easily. Triple glazed windows are the most secure standard windows because the three spaced out layers of glass provide huge amount reinforcement in the event of an attack. Compared to double glazed windows it would take more blows to smash through a triple glazed windows in window. The additional blows inflicted on triple glazed windows would generate more noise thus increasing the risk of attracted attention to the burglary taking place. So for this reason a burglar might not risk smashing a triple glazed window through.

A word on window locks

It is a given all windows come with locks fitted. When purchasing new window always makes sure to ask the level resistance and security the lock will provide.

Window Restrictors

A set of two window restrictors can stop windows from being fully ripped open by burglars who are attempting to order to create an entry point into the property. Window restrictors are there to stop people from falling out of windows they also provide the level of security required to stop a burglar from using a window to gain entry

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