GRP Composite doors front doors and back doors

Composite doors are built with security in mind this means the door is specifically made to be as secure as it possibly can be.

Composite doors as the name suggest a mixture of layers of the toughest materials. The outer thick layer is a toughed and durable layer made of glass reinforced plastic. The solid core of the door is usually made of strong and dense polyurethane foam. More expensive composite doors have a steel reinforcement panel placed at the core of the door for added strength. Composite doors a single body door attached directly to a steel reinforced UPVC frame.

Comparing the cost of composite doors to other types of doors such as aluminium and steel, composite doors are impressively great value for money. Instead of spending thousands of pounds on aluminium or steel doors you can buy a composite door for less than half the price. Composite doors cost anywhere between the prices of £300 to £2000. Standard foam filled composite doors start around £300 without a letter a window, people hole or a security lock. Midrange costing composite doors have added options such as peepholes and draft proof letters boxes. Upper-end composite doors can cost £1200 and over but there are composite doors available on the market for £800 and up which are just as stronger and durable but cheaper hardware on them.

An ideal example of a composite door that is great value for money yet made of the highest quality materials is the external Virtuoso Chilton grill composite door this mid-range priced door definitely punches above its weight in terms of strength and resistance it will perform well against the most aggressive ramming. The door is made of a solid body of a mixture of toughened glass reinforce plastic and wood which is 44mm, that makes it thicker than UPVC door. The inner UPVC frame is reinforced by internally running steel rods. It also comes with three high polished security hinges that are adjustable. The high-security hardware included with this door high-security euro lock cylinder, a peephole and thick and heavy draft proof letterbox. For those to prefer to have glazed glass panels this door displays a good example of the arrangement of the toughened glazed in glass panels on this door. The glass panels are near the top of the door. Having glass panels on doors is always going to be an added weakness to the door. But if you have glazed in panels neat the top part of the door it is not such a security risk, this arrangement ment of glass panels burglars cannot smash a window and stick and arm to thumb-turn the door open.

Additional features of composite doors

Composite doors are excellent absorbers of sound

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