High security garage door locks and latches

Garage door locks and latches

You can lock your garage doors in place using padlocks, latches and door bolts but standard padlocks and locks will not secure your garage door locks from burglar attacks. Unfortunately most standard garage door locks and pad locks can be either be snapped open or picked open within seconds. Using the following racking, zipping and bumping

The High security Pick Proof Padlock

Maximum Security against all the burglar picking techniques





The Avcoet ABS padlocks  is a high quality cost effective padlock. Racking,Zipping and bumping is useless against the  Avocet ABS padlocks. The Avocet ABS padlocks are also Antisnap and Antidrill proof.The Avocet padlocks have magnetic pins in their lock chambers.This means only when the correct key is inserted in the lock with the magnetic dimple in the correct position  padlock will unlock.Racking or zipping attack will not unlock this padlock how drive a magnetic pin down to unlock the the padlock. The magnetic pin has to be attracted down to unlock the cylinder this means any raking tool thrusted into the lock cannot push the magnetic pin up to unlock the magnetic pins functions to lock and unlock in the opposite way to standard pins this throws burglars off their tracks becuse the cannot pick their way through these locks!

Check out the Avocet ABS and views the customization options click here to options and to buy


The ultimate high security combinations padlock and one less key to worry about

Security combination padlocks offer maximum protection without the need of key!The Squire SS50C by Squire & Sons is the ultimate attack resistant lock. This Extra high security padlock has a unique open and closing mechanism and 5 dials the provide a total a 100,000 possible combinations. Made of toughened steel with added boron to create the strongest surface resistance. Adding boron increases the melting point of the alloy from 1800°C to over 2000°C this makes a standard blow torch attack impossible because a  larger map gas torch  and a lot of time would be required. The burglars  aim is  to create a quick entry into a breaking would not be able to carry a the bigger map gas torch without arousing suspicion and it would take too long  just to slightly soften the padlock so they can hacksaw thought it This Squire SS50C is secure against all other  hard-core sustained attacks inflicted to it. Any attack using a hacksaw will not be effective to the padlock because the hacksaw would not capable of getting a bite on the padlock. Bolt cutters would also be ineffective again the high carbon toughened steel shackle.  This Squire SS50C is anti-corrosive and weather resistant. It has been tested in the most extreme conditions and it has been proven durable in an impressive 200 hours exposure to salt spray, meaning it still functions in the harshest environment with a protective lock body cover for extra high security.

Super secure your garage door with the full metal jack Bulldog lock


The bulldog Garage Door lock is a heavily fortified garage lock. It has a  10 brass pin lock disc lock that cannot be picked or racked the euro cylinder locks. It unlocks by using a special disc key inserted to remove the giant solid steel bold

 To lock insert the steel bolt back and turn the disc to lock garage door in place

Another option is fix a ground fixed garage door lock. This lock is fixed within in a underground concrete cavity to make it extra secure and no one can rip this lock open in flash no chance









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