External wooden front doors and back

Nowadays wooden doors are not popular with homeowners.

Solid oak and timber wood produce beautiful doors. Timber doors in particular have a beautiful and authentic real wooden grain finish, this ads beauty to the face of the doors. Wooden doors are naturally   strong because they solid throughout at all points. But wooden doors are not as nearly as strong and hardwearing as composite doors! Composite doors have a strong outer layer which is made of glass reinforced plastic, this tough outer layer makes them hard to drill through unlike wooden doors.

Disadvantages having wooden doors

Wooden doors are expensive to buy. A single external solid oak door can cost as little as £800 for the same price you could by a much more secure composite door that has a thick glass reinforced plastic outer layer and a steel plate core. Also the composite door complete comes with all the high security hardware such as protected hinges, security cylinders and multipoint hinge locking systems.




Bowing and warping


The major disadvantage of wooden doors is that they are prone to bow and wrap. The deformity of wood warping does start to occur when moisture content of different parts of a piece of wood changes unevenly. When one part of a wooden board dries faster than another part, for example, the drier part shrinks faster and causes stress that changes the shape of the wood. This is what causes wooden doors expand and contract during the winter months making is very hard to open and close doors.




Securing existing wooden doors

It is better to replace wooden doors with composite doors as the composite doors are stronger, longer lasting and require little maintenance

The cheaper option



A cheaper option to replacing an existing wooden door would be to upgrade the locking systems. Because wooden doors are solid and strong instead forking out £800 to £1300 on each external wooden door you can you can fortify your wooden door and make it resist to ramming and lock picking attacks by fitting multipoint locking system and a security mortise lock.

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