Aluminium Doors

An Aluminium door with a frame included costs £3000 and upwards! Reinforced aluminium doors that have steel plates placed between the inner and outer panels are more secure against brute force attacks   when compared to composite doors nevertheless, in most cases composite doors are a lot cheaper, secure, stronger and hardwearing than composite doors later.

can but aluminium doors that have an inner and outer panel merged to a  aluminium frame which is then filled in with a rigid poly urethane foam and has a multipoint locking system with a metal frame  hinges concealed are a lot stronger than composite doors.

Aluminium is lightweight metal which is famous for its anti-corrosive and crack rust resistant; also it is an excellent thermal conductor.

The weakness aluminium is that I that can be dissolved with acid acids such as hydrochloric acid even pure aluminium can be attacked by alkalis such sodium and potassium but aluminium doors are covered in many layers of protective paint so the doors will never prone to such an attack.


Originally Aluminium doors where solely used commercially. They were only seen on shop windows and doors but the latest trend for home owners is to have flash futuristic metallic front and back doors.

Aluminium windows and doors are fully custom made. Using laser cutters they are cut from the highest grades of aluminium  A great deal of craftsmanship goes in to producing these doors, they are manufactured accurately right down to the micrometre thus creating a true bespoke window or door.


In comparison to composite doors which cost thousands of pounds less. Aluminium doors are not massively stronger than composite doors because aluminium doors that are just made up one  or two layers of thin aluminium panels that is why they are not stronger than composite. Making thick aluminium doors would even more expensive. Still these doors are many times stronger than UPVC.



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