UPVC French doors, bifold Doors and Patio doors

Buying UPVC bifold doors what you need to know and  consider to make the best choice

What are the differences between French doors, bifold doors, patio doors and garden doors? French doors, bifold door patio doors these types of design of doors are most commonly fitted at the back end of residential properties and only differ the way they open and close.

  • French doors, also known as garden doors  and patio doors open outwards and close inwards
  • bifold doors, as the name, suggests fold in themselves to open and the expand outwards for closing, with bifold doors make sure there is finger safety meaning that fingers cannot be placed in between the doors and get trapped or crushed
  • Sliding garden doors also known as  sliding patio doors,  these doors are suspended on rollers and  slide to open and slide to close


Frame materials

These types of doors are available in the following materials :

  • Wood
  • Upvc
  • Aluminium


The advantages of aluminium doors are that they are lightweight, sleek, strong and the hardest wearing of the materials available. Aluminium being the stronger and more resistant material that has a high softening point and high melting point this means that it will not crack warp or change shape due to being exposed to extremely hot weather or sunlight.   The major disadvantage of installing aluminium french, bifold and patio doors is that they are very expensive installing aluminium doors can cost thousands of pounds!  Also, the other major disadvantage of  aluminium is that it is a poor heat insulator and an excellent conductor of heat, this simply means that aluminium doors will do a really great job of extracting heat from the inside of a house and transferring it  to the outside of your home, they create a constant flow of heat leaking from the inside of your home! to the outside! Aluminium doors will contribute to the increase of cost in your heating bills!


Installing UPVC French, bifold or sliding doors is the most energy efficient and cost-effective option. Unlike wooden doors, UPVC doors are water resistant, do not warp or bow in the winter and summer months and don't require any maintenance for years. When compared to aluminium Upvc garden doors cost thousands of pounds less.UPVC is also a terrific heat insulator and a poor heat conductor


If you would like to have genuine, authentic and traditional rear doors to be fitted then would be your material of choice. The disadvantages of having wooden garden doors are that they require routine maintenance in regards the of the finish on the doors, the varnish of the doors needs loses its shine and crumbles away so on a yearly basis it needs to be repainted. All wooden frames of doors bow and warp during the changing seasons, this will make it difficult to operate the doors during the winter and summer months. Wood also absorbs water which can lead to moisture ingress developing in the door sills.


Why should you install your garden doors from the US?

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