UPVC Door Locks


One point locking systems

UPVC doors older than 10 years tend to only have a one point locking system and not a multipoint locking system. The single point locking system does not have to additional claw hooks at the bottom and top the clamp into the frame when the door is locked. Doors with single point locking systems are most vulnerable crowbar attacks and can also be easily kicked in.



Multipoint locking systems

All the latest doors come with multipoint locking systems called a claw hook locking system. The claw hook system has 3 to 5 claws that clamp in to the door fame when the door is locked.

It is way better to have a multiple claw hook locking system on your doors because the claw freeze the door in place, from top to bottom this adds extra reinforcement when the door is locked



Weak vulnerable standard door handles fitted

In order to attack the lock burglars first have to get passed the handle that is protecting the lock

Most UPVC doors and some composite doors have  a thin and weak door handles ,that offer no protection to our cylinder locks in case of an attacked they are easily ripped off  like a sticker!  Regular door handles can easily be ripped off by anyone trying to get to our locks sadly, they offer no protection against and attack. Burglars usually pull off weak doors handles doors in a few seconds using mole grips they strip the door handle off to expose the bare cylinder which is now ripe for the picking!


Security handles the first line of Door defence

Stop the burglars in their handle snapping tracks by replacing the standard door handles with the Yale maximum handle.

This Yale TS007 series handle gives your cylinder locks the maximum protection. The Yale Platinum Security Handle.

The Platinum Maximum Security TS007 2 stars this handle has passed the toughest tests by the British standards institute and has been accredited a Kitemark. A kitemarked is awarded to worthy products by the BSI. The kitemark by BSI identifies products where safety is paramount, such as crash helmets, smoke alarms and flood defences.

This Yale security handle is made of very thick marine grade 316 stainless steel in a snap a attack it cannot be pulled or ripped off. This handle is long-lasting a durable it has been awarded the BS EN1670 corrosion resistant standard. Because it has passed the extreme 500 hour corrosion test. This Yale models has been exposed to 500 hours’ worth of natural salt spray and passed proving it is defiantly corrosion resistant.

The Yale high security handle is truly a high quality product apart from being accredited with the British Kitemark it also meets BSI’s PAS24 standards because it is secured by Design approved, this means that the Yale maximum security handle is one of the best handles to buy.

This Yale handle is also backed by Yale’s 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.



Sash Jammers

Sash jammers provide extra fortification to windows and doors. We do offer them as an additional feature.



Door chain

A simple but very effective security feature a door chain can prevent the entry of a burglar.

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